11.11 2016-1.15.2017

  Fear/Fearless: 80's Then and Now, Seven Sides

Fear: A current  theme and trend in Politics, the News, Experiencing an Airplane Ride and even Weather Reports.  This Fear Represses and makes us targets of both the rain and bullets.
The 80's blossomed several above-culture movements, sub-culture seems to be a misnomer.
Combining Fear with Fearlessness both Inline Skating on the Edge and Skate Boarding off a Ramp artists are well calculated risk takers pushing the edge of new sports.
Fear Inspires these Cultural Trailblazers with deep roots in the 80's emergence of their sports' Art, Kraft and Professionalism (Little c craft has been kicked around too much).

80's Punk Rock's broke grounds with a fearless disregard and is alive in today's music.
The Vintage experience, the feel of laying a vinyl on a record player has passed as we Fear missing the next newest technology and throw out our pasts.
Polaroids and 80's Graffiti artists faced a different past yet  hit a similar grave stone with blown mergers and city wide white washing of walls and trains.
Today there is a new interest  in Older Technologies, Retro boards, Retro bands, Graffiti, Steam Punk and Beauty in Form and Presentation that draws from the 80's.
Fear today can be expressed on the exhibition scroll for all to write on

Vladimir Po: Fear Plane Series, Surfacing Subs, Pill Overlays and more
Kazu Mori: Photographs of Inline Skating. Fearless Journey Around The Big Edge  
Henry Pena: Skateboards from HeavenBound7  
Lili White: Videos from the 80's and works on Targets
Nic707: Subway Plastic, Fear Removal

Scott Coverley's Collection: Vintage 80's posters, Records and a Phono to Pop a Vinyl on
Fear Sign in Scroll


9.1.16 - 11.1.2016 : "Friends: Passed and Present" 
Reception 9.17, 6-10PM with Body Painting Performance by Andy Golub, 7PM
Closing Reception 10.22  6:30-10pm
 Performance by Jill Austen and others
A group exhibition featuring friends who have passed and are very much still present. As well as old and new friends. Though not a thematically driven show, some themes are present: Expressionism, outsider art, time, the figure, sex, and more. Mediums include: painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, glass, poetry, found objects, and more. This is not a static show, new work will be added and others will rotate out fluidly throughout the exhibition.
Artists include: 
Dan Asher, Anthony Haden-Guest, Bradley  Hart, Jerome Lamaar, Heide Hatry, Timothy Blum, Andy Golub, Wanda Ortiz, Aurelija Cepulinskaite, Pablo Cano, Nina Seigenfeld, R. Douglass Rice, JC Rice, Adam Shultz, Steve Montgomery, Bing Lee, Al Bensusan, Matt Chmielarczyk,Luis Pagan, Romaro Richardson, Alex Jove, Reydi Garcia Gil, Chelsea Herron, Shannon Lange, Pablo Cano, Rhonda Dee, Kai Ladzinski, Barry Kostrinsky, Eric Doeringer, Marisol Diaz, Zimad, Krystyna Lyczywek, Larry Kleinman, Julie Harvey, Darcy Dahl , Charles Mayton, Bruce M Sherman, Anne Muldrow,, Ruonan Yan and others

Partial List past exhibitions at the previous two havens:

2009 list coming

 2008 Shows at Haven Arts 50 Bruckner Blvd South Bronx, NY
Nov, 2008 3 Aurelija Cepulinskaite, Iannis Delatolas, Robert Flynt  
Nov, 2008 The Complacents Talia Acker, Caroline Baillie, Zorba Dravillas, Adam Rysanek  
Oct, 2008 Green  
Sep, 2008 9/11 - Lost Tanya Braganti, Jason DeCrow, Loren Ellis, Frank Fournier, Angel Franco, Richmond Jones, Richard Levine, Linda Obuchoska, Michelle Poiré, Frances Roberts, Librado Romero, Michael Schwartz, Robert Stolarik  

Sep, 2008 Men on Maps Jeffery Acea, Michael Andre, Robert Atchinson, Orin Buck, Matthew Chmielarczyk, Brent Crothers, Gilbert Fletcher, Stevie Foner, Gerhard Frommel, Juan Garcia, Andy Golub, David Graham, david gregory, Paul Hammer-Hultberg, Adam Hinterlang, Michael Kalmbach, Joey Kilrain, Nicolas Lara, Open Source League, Bing Lee, John LeKay, Serge J-F Levy, Aristides Logothetis, Scott Lowenbaum, Fernando R Magdaleno, Joseph Franklyn McElroy, Meres, Algernon Miller, Tony Moore, Matt Nolan, Son One, Luis Pagan, Wonjunn Park, Felix Perez, Lew Peterla, Austin Publicover, Arthur Really, J.C. Rice, Librado Romero, Joe Rugilio, Marc Sapir, Sexer, Robert Seyffert, Bruce Sherman, Sonic, Rob Teeters, Eduardo Terranova, Charles Yuen, Zimad  

Jul 21- August 27, 2008 FACTORY Scott Lowenbaum, Cindy Tower  
Artist Cindy Tower is reassembling a factory from East Saint Louis, Illinois, inside Haven Arts. Tower’s most recent body of work involves breaking and entering abandoned industrial sites with her bodyguard, Edgar Carter, in order to paint large-scale paintings on location.  “Factory” will transform Gallery 1 with life-sized representations of machines from the Armour meat processing plant.  In Gallery 2, Scott Lowenbaum will present paintings and wire sculpture that will provide smaller, intimate views of Armour. 
Jul, 2008 Grand Silver Company: Factory Remnants Jaq Belcher, Timothy Blum, Pablo Cano, Linda Cunningham, Ana de Portela, Marisol Diaz, Alejandro Lopez, Algernon Miller, Melodie Provenzano, J.C. Rice  

Jun, 2008 NY Press: On the Wall Mary Altaffer, Susana Bates, Tanya Braganti, Angel Chevrestt, Jason DeCrow, Frank Fournier, Angel Franco, Alfred Giancarli, Robert Kalfus, Richard Levine, Mariela Lombard, Matthew McDermott, James Messerschmidt, Linda Obuchoska, Katie Orlinsky, Frances Roberts, Lee Romero, Ardina Seward, Jeremy Sparig, Robert Stolarik  
This exhibition revisited and celebrated the aims of the photojournalist, and addressed the importance and validity of reportage as a visual art.  Photographic prints in silver gelatin, cebachrome and giclee were shown alongside video and dioramas mixing found object and photographs.

May 28 DreamYard’s “What is Art?” Program
“What Do We See/What is Really Happening?”  -- a one-day installation by the DreamYard Project

 May 13 – May 24 “Salad Days – High School Art” 
This show featured paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital prints, and installation art by students at six New York area schools/art organizations.  Works by their teachers were also displayed.
The schools/groups represented were:  Bronx High School of the Visual Arts, Brooklyn High School of the Art, Irvington High School, Millennium Arts Academy,

Mar 30- May 10, 2008 "Solos" Jaq Belcher, Timothy Blum, Chris Bors, Brent Crothers, Linda Cunningham, Darcy Dahl, Steven Fishman, David Gimbel, Anne Humanfeld, Aristides Logothetis, John Mascaro, Luis Pagan, J.C. Rice, Alison Ward
This group exhibition showcased current work by most of the artists who had solo shows at Haven Arts’ original space.

March 5 – March 22 “Locale” 
Our first exhibit in our new large space, “Locale,” in Gallery 1, featured selected works of 12 local emerging and mid-career artists.  Large-scale paintings, photography, mixed media and sculptures were on display. The opening was attended by 100 to 175 people, and was, as usual, a stop on the route of The Bronx Culture Trolley, which runs the first Wednesday of every month.  Performance art at the opening featured movement, saxophone, and flute.

“Spanic Attack” Performance Series:
Organized by a local spoken word and musicians’ collective, the first performance in the series occurred in conjunction with a book release party.  Their second event will include photography, as well as spoken word and music.  The collective attracts an international, as well as local audience.
“Mad Hatters’ Revue” Multi-Media Performance Series:
Organized by the publisher of the journal “Mad Hatters’ Review,” the first event in the multi-media series occurred on  July 11.  There were performances by poets and prose writers with live musical accompaniment; screenings of sliding art shows, videos, and flash animations.  Mad Hatters’ events attract a wide audience, as well.

2007 Show at Ryan Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center (Manhattan)
“Sketch /  Detail” September 19, 2007 – November 19, 2007
Curated by Barry Kostrinsky at Ryan Chelsea Clinton Health Center

2006 Shows at Haven Arts 235 East 141st Street South Bronx, NY
Darcy Dahl “Grace (in vitro)”  Jan. 3 - 30
“13 Women on 13 Walls,” Curated by Bary Kostrinsky and J.C. Rice  Feb. 1 - 28
John Mascaro and Kurt Perschke  March 8 - 31
Ana de Portela – “Trophy Wives & Goddesses” April 3 – 29
“Nourishment” Curated by Eric Feinblatt,  May 3-31st
“Art of the Word” Curated by Barry Kostrinsky and J.C. Rice  June 2-30th
Carolina Penafiel – “United State of Us”  July 12-30th
J.C. Rice – “dasein”  August 3-31st
“10 Curatorial Perspectives” Curated by Carey Clark, Edwin Gonzalez, Barry Kostrinsky, Aristides Logothetis, Wayne Northcross, Edwin Ramoran, J.C. Rice, Tim Rollins, Nathan Schreiber, and Zimad  September 4 -29
David Gimbel—“Visual Anthropologies,” Curated by Susana Torruella, and Barry Kostrinsky  October 4-29
“Beacon|Bronx 4+4,”  a collaboration between Haven Arts and bau,  October 4-23
“Penetrating Empathy,” a Pefect 8 exhibit, Curated by Diana Schmertz   November 1-28
“Longwood Arts Project—Then & Now,” Curated by Barry Kostrinsky, Juanita Lanzo, and J.C. Rice

2005 Exhibitions Haven Arts 235 East 141st Street South Bronx, NY
Haven Group Show 1/5 to 23
Mad Dash/Stefan Eins 1/24 - 30
Conversions Exhibition 1/31 - 2/8
Nic One (William Green) Group Show 2/9 - 20
Linda Cunningham 2/21 - 3/5
Jaq Belcher 3/7 -16
Mirrors 3/20 - 27
Alison Ward 3/28 - 4/2
Valerie Atkisson 4/6 - 24
Rob Seyffert and Nilda Mesa 4/25 - 30
Creative Thrift Shop (Carolina Penafiel) May 1 - 21
Big Fat Painting Show May 4 (one day event in which many artists painted outdoors, and we hosted a barbecue for local residents.  A clown-artist performed as well.)
Luis Pagan May 23 - 28
"Next Stop 138th St." June 1st – 18th
"Identity Crisis" Edwin Gonzalez, curator June 18 to July 2
"Virtual Dumpster Diving" Chris Bors July 4-26
Brent Crothers – Why Not Care?, July 25 to Aug 6
Steven Fishman – Define Redefine, Aug 7 to 31
Timothy Blum – off the cuff, Sept 6 to 30
Anne Humanfeld- Slow Reveal, Oct 4 to 29
Aristides Logothetis – Hydra, Nov 2 to 30
"Who's NYCE?" aerosol art show curated by NIC ONE  Nov 7 to 30