HavenSBX Transitions
Unfortunately havensbx was not offered a lease from the landlord.
In a brief 7 month history havensbx influenced and inspired many artists, kids and members of the South Bronx Community.


For now a gallery in the same area is being developed, an extraordinary townhouse in Harlem- HavenHarlem will be available for private viewing and events shortly.
Other projects including "Gallery in a School" are being developed with educators, "Hit my Crib"- a unique make-over of South Bronx apartments as well as curatorial advice and programs at other South Bronx locations are happening.
The open Mic that Turtle Will ran for 15 events has been moved to a bar in Harlem and I will have special event days at HavenHarlem and at the South Bronx for more open Mics.
Thank you for your support and I look forward to updating you on the transition.
Barry Kostrinsky